• Putting Together A Good Digital Marketing Strategy

    • There was a time, not very long ago, when a company could do decent business without worrying about the internet. If they were a particularly large business, they might have had a simple website or an e-mail address. Yet by and large, marketing in those days was a simple matter. You put ads on the sides of buses, on billboards, and in magazines, and you made sure people saw it. You tried to get as many impressions as you could, so that people would actually remember the company and think good thoughts.

      These days, the internet has changed a great deal of what marketing means. It’s not enough to simply buy ad space on a website and hope for the best. Getting impressions just isn’t enough. You need a solid digital marketing strategy if you want to do business in today’s digital world. Yet so many people don’t really have a good concept of what a digital marketing strategy really is. They try to set up some kind of marketing, only to discover that they simply can’t bring in the revenue the way they once did.

      In today’s digital world, you need digital tools if you want to do business. There are two big ones; SEO and viral marketing. If a marketing strategy can utilize these two things, then it can do quite well in today’s digital world.

      SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a method of massaging search engine algorithms in order to make a website or a web page show up on as many different keyword searches as possible. There are ethical ways to do this, and less ethical ways to do this, but either way the result is the same. It makes a link rise to the top of the search engine results, which causes more people to click on it. Evidence shows that most people only click the first few links on any web search, after all.

      Viral marketing is marketing utilizing social media. Social media connects people all over the world, and people are often quite happy to share interesting things. If you can build up your brand on social media, and put out some entertaining content, then people will share it on their own. You’ll be able to build up brand loyalty just by putting out consistently good content. People on the internet are often hungry for new, interesting content, after all. All you’re doing is providing that content for them, and letting them do what comes naturally to them. It helps entertain them, and it helps you bring in the revenue.

      Ultimately, any strategy for digital marketing simply has to utilize SEO and viral marketing. Without a solid understanding of those two things, any marketing strategy is doomed to failure. The way the internet works these days simply demands that those two tools be the major tools in any marketer’s toolbox. If you haven’t figured out how to use them, then no marketing plan you can come up with will work.