• ‘Coagulate’- The Greatest Email Analogy you will Read Today

    • med103596_0408_florentine_vertIn the first of my Digital Marketing/Food analogies (OK, this might be the only one) I am going to look at the wonder of the humble egg (bear with me on this). Omelet, Benedict, Scotch; even the delicious boiled, eggs are superb. Having said that, eggs work even better as a binding ingredient, apparently proteins ‘coagulate’ when they cook..

      So what does this have to do with Digital Marketing? Simple. The humble egg can very much be likened to that most key ingredient you take from your customers – the email address. The email address is the glue that sticks most of your Digital Marketing together. We all know email as a great cost effective tool to generate sales and interests in your products (plenty more of that to come in future posts) but for now I want to look at why email is key for marketers beyond outbound marketing.

      Firstly lets look at the flipside when you do not have access to an email address. Amazon sales for example, or Apple (someone downloads your app, or subscribes to a magazine) how frustrating is it that you cannot direct market to them with a follow up product review email, or to convert from a trial to a subscription? It’s your customer, you should be able to access that data right? Wrong. Unfortunately these companies see these as their customers first and foremost however there are ways to overcome this. In-app and magazine data collection tools for example, or intelligent redirects to collect data that will allow you to market further. The same can be said for social media sites – imagine if Twitter simply went away (or tried to monetize further their company client base)? You would lose all those followers you worked hard to get. Social Media sites are great for getting the conversation going and talking direct to your customers instantly but as a marketing tool you need to combine it with other channels to truly get the most out of it.

      This brings me nicely back to Email. Facebook and Twitter offer great tools to collect email addresses and in reverse email can be used to target existing, lapsed customers or gain new ones. One key tool not being fully utilized by marketers is Custom Audiences (Tailored Audiences on Twitter). Audiences all0w you to take your existing email list and target them across social media. These are people who have already shown an interest or already bought from you in the past. Custom Audiences allow you to retarget these customers via social advertising and more importantly centralises your marketing efforts to get a greater view of your customers shopping and browsing habits.

      Back to the analogy of eggs, email truly is the glue that sticks your digital marketing together. If you capture an email through the checkout process you can trigger an abandoned basket. If you use in-app data collection you can target the customer with personlised upgrades and subscription offers. By offering a valid reason for someone to register on your website you can use your analytics tool to market to them direct based on browsing habits. Heck, you could even send a truly 1-1 email marketing campaign that offers superb ROI.

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